Chapter Officers

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  • President and Delegate
    Jimmie Tullis, ASP, CUSA
  • President Elect, Delegate, BISE and Child Safety Seat Chair
    Martin Currie, CSP
  • 2nd Vice President and Golf Committee
    David Johnson, PE, CSP
  • Secretary, Membership and Sporting Clay Co-Chair
    Jay St. Pierre, CSP
  • Treasurer
    Nathan Heppler, CSP, CHST, STSC
  • Communications and Newsletter
    Dan Headrick
  • Foundation, Government Affairs, Golf Committee and Webmaster
    Ron Kirsch, Ph.D., M.S.
  • WISE and Elections
    Tami Warren, CSP
  • Student Affairs, Delegate
    Selena Schmidt, CSP
  • Driving Safety School Chair, Investment Committee Chair
    Keith Bain, CSP
  • Sporting Clay Co-Chair
    Austin Conrad, CSP, STSC
  • Sporting Clay Co-Chair
    Mandy Lindsey, COSS