Past Presidents

2018 Jimmie Tullis Atmos Energy
2017 Selena Schmidt Liberty Mutual
2016 Selena Schmidt Liberty Mutual
2015 Mandy Lindsey Lee Company
2014 Tami Warren Nashville International Airport
2013 Martin Currie Eastern Alliance Insurance Group
2012 Jimmie Tullis Atmos Energy
2011 Jimmy Whitehair PMA Insurance Group
2010 Bill Boehm Willis
2009 David Brooks Brooks Consulting Group
2008 Anthony (Corky) Carter El Paso Corporation
2007 Ron A. Kirsch PureSafety
2006 Ron A. Kirsch PureSafety
2005 Ron A. Kirsch PureSafety
2004 Anthony (Corky) Carter El Paso Corporation
2003 Garey (Shane) Austin Square D Company
2002 V. Kelley Work Chubb Group Insurance Companies
2001 Mark Holley Meridian Insurance
2000 Clarence Cothran Turner Construction Company
1999 Ron Sears EBI Companies
1998 R.R. (Rick) Jones T.W. Frierson Contractor, Inc.
1997 R.R. (Rick) Jones T.W. Frierson Contractor, Inc.
1996 David Johnson Mosley & Associates
1995 Jim Fortier Loss Control
1994 Keith Bain Chubb & Son
1993 David Wilbur Ingram Industries
1992 Rocky Jiroch Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
1991 Cindy Byers Aetna Casualty
1990 Jane Lyons Service Merchandise
1989 Larry Carter Sedgwick James
1988 Dave Weir Rogers Group
1987 Phillip Trusty The Hartford Insurance Company
1986 Dave Patterson United Methodist Publishing House
1985 Hank Schiller Contractor Industrial Supply
1984 Lee T. Fortier Alexander & Alexander
1983 John Couch Johnson & Higgins
1982 Ralph Mosely GENESCO
1981 S.B. Weatherspoon Rogers Group
1980 Lloyd Noel Heil Quaker
1979 Billy Beard Nashville Electric Service
1978 Keith Fosbinder United Parcel Service
1977 Dave White McDowell Brothers Construction Company
1976 Dave White McDowell Brothers Construction Company
1975 Tom Ellis The Hartford Insurance Company
1974 Guy Darst DuPont DMT
1973 Gene Federman USF & G
1972 L.P. Shaw US Postal Service
1971 Howard Boyd Metro Fire Department
1970 Tom Fortier McKee Geny & Thornton
1969 Jerry White USF & G
1969 Jim Oliver GENESCO
1968 John Bryant DuPont Construction
1967 Ray Dorris CNA
1966 John Claxton Southern Bell Telephone Company
1965 George L. Holmes, Jr. Shelby Mutual Insurance Company
1964 Charles W. Flicek DuPont Titanium Dioxide
1963 Cliff Hamilton DuPont Fibers
1962 Cliff Hamilton DuPont Fibers
1961 Talmadge V. Marier Employers of Wausau
1960 Earl C. Jones TVA Gallatin Steam Plan
1959 Earl C. Jones TVA Gallatin Steam Plan
1958 Thomas B. Woody Murray Ohio Manufacturing
1957 Earl C. Kegg USF & G
1956 Harold F. Polston Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
1955 E.P. Marconi ARO, Inc.
1954 G.W. Sturm DuPont Film
1953 E.D. Peeler General Shoe Company
1952 E.D. Peeler General Shoe Company
1951 Robert W. Fleming Monsanto Chemical Company
1950 Leo R. Briley US Corps of Engineers
1949 A.N. Allen Monsanto Chemical Company
1948 Kirk E. Law Nashville Transit Authority
1947 J.T. Brown DuPont Fibers